Free On-Site Builders Checklist for Preventing Sediment Loss now available – a handy new tool for your toolbox!

All builders (including sub-contractors, tradespersons & suppliers) must take responsibility for controlling sediment loss from building sites.

The Sediment Task Force’s Builders Checklist can be used as a guide to prevent soil erosion, sediment runoff, sand drift and dust from building sites. This is good news for builders as it will result in:

  • A reduction in the cost of supplying sand and stockpile losses.
  • A reduction in clean-up costs and reduction in the risk of fines/loss of bond.
  • A better public image and fewer public complaints.
  • More marketable sites and earlier sales.
  • Earlier completion and reduced downtime; and
  • All weather site access and improved wet weather conditions.

Builders can use the checklist when arriving at and leaving site, for regular checks of sites and vacant blocks, and before and after a rain, wind or storm event.

The checklist can help builders identify tasks to do immediately to avoid an infringement and/or possible prosecution.

The checklist also contains information on why covering soil and soil stockpiles is the best way to stop erosion and save money and time, and erosion and soil control tips and recommendations.

Building companies can add their own logo to the checklist for inclusion in a work schedule, guideline, manual and/or for reporting purposes. Download docx version here.

There’s also an editable pdf format so builders can fill out the checklist in the field. Download interactive version here using ‘Save As’.

More Sediment Taskforce  resources are available here.

For more information, contact Sediment Task Force Coordinator, Bronwyn Scallan, on (08) 9374 3333.