Our Strategy

Our approach to organisational strategy is based around our purpose, a long term vision, and our organisational culture. Shorter term strategic objectives give us the steps that we need to take now to achieve what we want to achieve for the future. This approach was developed through 2018 into 2019.

Our Vision:

Our Vision and key statements were launched publicly at our 2019 AGM.

Our Vision

Our Purpose:

Perth NRM provides solutions to mitigate the environmental impact of climate change, population growth and unsustainable land and water management practices.

  • Geographically we are concerned with activities that occur within, or impact upon, the environment and community of Perth and its surrounds.
  • Our principal beneficiaries are the people and organisations in our community that want to actively contribute to the solutions.

Our Culture and Values

It is important to us that we understand and articulate our shared culture and values, and that we are held accountable to them.  This is how we ensure that we are an independent, respected and strong organisation that is trusted to form partnerships, collaborate with other organisations, and share ideas and knowledge.

We are individually and collectively passionate about sustainability and the environment.

We collaborate and form partnerships to achieve outcomes for the environment and the community.

We expect each other to:

  • Be innovative and creative, being bold and learning from our mistakes
  • Think and act proactively and strategically, applying our knowledge and experience to achieving our vision
  • Show leadership, being respectful of each other and our community.
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