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Perth NRM is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission. Perth NRM holds a Charitable Collections License with the Government of Western Australia. Perth NRM has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DRG).

Donations by individuals can be made in the form of one-off donations, recurring gifts, or bequests. Perth NRM will determine where the funds are directed within its programs. If a donation is designated to a specific project, Perth NRM will use reasonable endeavours to direct that donation to the designated project but is not obligated to comply with such requests.

When you make a donation to Perth NRM, you may be eligible to claim a tax deduction. A donation must be considered a ‘gift’ in order to be tax deductible.  Requirements are:

  • There is a transfer of money or property.
  • The transfer is made voluntarily.
  • The donor does not expect anything in return for the gift.
  • The donor does not materially benefit from the gift.
  • The gift is made to a DGR organisation.

Perth NRM can provide official receipts for approved donations of $2.00 or more. All pricing and transactions on the Perth NRM website are stated in Australian Dollars (AUD). Perth NRM accepts anonymous donations but is unable to issue a tax deductible receipt to the donor in such circumstances.

We record in our database donor name, address, email, telephone and amount donated. Unless you ask us not to, we may publicly acknowledge you as a donor. It is your right to be dealt with anonymously, provided that is it lawful and practicable. If you donate to Perth NRM, you will have the opportunity to keep your personal information private by electing to make your donation anonymously.

We will try to accommodate a request for anonymity wherever possible; however, we note that in some circumstances, this may prevent us from practically and effectively communicating with you. For instance, we can collect anonymous donations; however, we will not be able to provide you with a tax receipt. Please see our full Privacy Policy for more details.

Any donation, purchase or other transaction made through the Perth NRM website is final. However, Perth NRM will consider requests for a refund where a genuine error has occurred. Please contact Perth NRM within 14 days of the transaction and provide details of the circumstances justifying your refund request. Contact: [email protected] or (08) 9374 3333 or P.O. Box 1132, Bentley DC, WA 6984.

To cancel recurring donations, notification is required at least 10 business days prior to the next scheduled payment date to effect any cancellation.

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Government of Western Australia Charitable Collections License: CC22133

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