Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering Program: A coastal focus for 2023

Volunteer with your team at one of our iconic Perth beaches!

Support Perth NRM’s Coastal and Marine Program and local Community Coastcare Groups
to restore and protect our iconic Perth dunes and reserves.

A Corporate Volunteering Event will involve:
✓ A fun day out of the office, making a difference!
  • Build connection with nature and between your team.
  • Give back to a coastline and community that supports a multitude of bird and wildlife species.
  • A coordinated 3–4-hour event, tailored to your team and/or corporate targets/responsibilities.
✓ Hands-on conservation
  • Get your hands dirty! Depending on the season you will assist us to plant native seedlings, remove invasive weeds, remove, and survey marine debris, install fencing, and more!
✓ Equipment and training
  • All activities will be guided by experienced Coordinators, along with the local community, who will train you in conservation techniques and share their passion and knowledge of the coast.
  • All equipment provided including gloves, tools, and sun protection.
✓ Acknowledgement to Country & Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Our Coordinators will provide an Acknowledgement to Country at the beginning of the activity. If your corporate group is seeking a Welcome to County by a local Noongar representative, there will be an additional cost.
✓ Photography and Success Story
  • Photography, with success story promoted through Perth NRM’s media channels (Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn, Newsletter, Website) – see the recent article with Stork Engineering.
✓ Catering
  • A sustainability minded catering morning or afternoon tea will be provided to keep your team energised.
Associated Costs

To cover the associated costs and continue providing support to environmental groups and projects we charge $80 +GST per participant for Corporate Volunteering events. This rate decreases as your group size and impact increase.

Minimum Team Size Fee per Participant
(ex. GST)
12* $80.00*
18 $75.00
30 $60.00
40 $50.00
60 $40.00

Don’t have budget?
For teams with no budget, we can put you in contact with community coastcare groups in your area who may have planned community group events coming up that you could join. These events will have limits on participation numbers, so large groups will not have this option.

Out of the sand?

While Perth NRM is currently focussing on Coastal events, we can also investigate similar activities in our bushlands and wetlands. If you want to give back directly to your community, we can find groups near your workplace and tailor a solution.

Alternative – Corporate Sponsorship

Alternatively, if your organisation can’t commit to a Corporate Volunteering Event but would still like to support coastal conservation, we offer a Corporate Sponsorship package starting at $5,000 which can support:

  • The purchase plants and hosting a family friendly community planting event/s on your behalf!
  • Our Adopt A Beach Program – supporting our younger generations learn and care about our coasts through educational and hands-on conservation activities.
Book today by using the contact form below!

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