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On October 30, 2019, Perth NRM launched its Vision for 2050, The New Normal. It is a document that calls for greater engagement with all stakeholders to work toward optimistic and achievable goals. The New Normal is intended as a living document, and your feedback is much appreciated.


It is 2050 and Perth is internationally recognised for its liveability and resilience in the face of climate changes and population growth. Our 3.5 million citizens access healthy and sustainably-produced food, enjoy a city which supports populations of native flora and fauna, appreciate the health of our water and soil systems which have continued to improve, and are blessed with a coastline that has maintained both its amenity and environmental values.

Perth’s remnant wetlands are healthy and ecologically functional and a healthy bushland is linked by a network of biodiversity corridors, some of which have replaced roads no longer needed due to the rapid uptake of electric autonomous vehicles. Households install and maintain novel habitats on their properties that support indigenous and endemic species as we ReWild Perth.

Indigenous mammals and birds are thriving in suburban and peri-urban Perth, providing a daily reminder that the natural landscape is resilient, functional and self-sustainable.  Residents enjoy healthy Swan and Canning Rivers as the result of action within these catchments as well as in the Avon.

WA’s Food Security Plan ensures people are readily able to source food that is high in nutritional density, low in food miles, and grown in enriched soil as a result of improving farming practices being adopted throughout WA.

The Swan Region NRM Strategy successfully combines the cultural science of the Whadjuk Noongar people with western science and the knowledge and experience of the community.  Public policy aligns with the Strategy and environmental and cultural outcomes are explicitly valued alongside social and economic outcomes.

People are no longer numbed to accept environmental degradation over time and generational amnesia has been reversed.  The community expects environmental improvement in their lifetime, and actively contribute to that outcome.

Welcome to The New Normal.

The New Normal Feedback

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A note on the use of  Aboriginal language: Wherever possible, Perth NRM attempts to use the preferred spelling of the Aboriginal person sharing the story with us. As an oral language with many regional dialects, there is no standardised spelling, so there will be variation throughout the site. In other instances, we defer to the terms and spellings suggested by Kaartdijin Noongar, a resource developed by the South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council.

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