"We are individually and collectively passionate about sustainability and the environment."

Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer: Keith Pekin

Senior Manager, Corporate Services:  Jeanmarie Collens

Senior Manager, Environment: Luke McMillan

Senior Manager, Sustainable Agriculture: David Broadhurst

Senior Manager, Stakeholder Engagement: Dr. Ingrid Sieler

Senior Manager, Communications: Sabian Wilde

Senior Manager, Financial Controller: Hannah Lill


Corporate Services

Office Manager: Beverley Vanhaeften
Payroll and Accounts Officer: Mei Lai
Governance Support Officer: Karinda Lobb


Environment Program

Program Manager, Environment: Dan Friesen

Coastal + Marine Program

Program Manager, Coastal + Marine: Kate Sputore

Program Coordinator, Coastal + Marine: Isabella Streckhardt
Program Coordinator, Coastal + Marine: Vanessa McGuiness
Adopt A Beach: Isabella Streckhardt

Conservation Program

Program Manager, Conservation: Shenaye Hummerston

Project Officer, Eastern Region Landcare: Robert Jones
Program Coordinator, Sediment Task Force: Bronwyn Scallan

ReWild Program

ReWild Engagement Officer/Citizen Science Project Manager: Hannah Gulliver

Swan Alcoa Landcare Program

Program Coordinator: Melinda McAndrew


Sustainable Agriculture Program


Program Manager, RegenWA: Bonnie Jupp

Measuring On-Farm Natural Capital Program

Program Manager, Natural Capital: Mary-Anne (Mez) Clunies-Ross

Food Future Program

Program Manager, Food Future: Graham McAlpine

Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator (RALF)

Principal RALF: Graham McAlpine

WA Stone Fruit

Project Coordinator, Value Chain Facilitator: Susan Crossley


Stakeholder Engagement

Project Officer, Community Engagement: Raphaela Raaber



Communications Officer, Multimedia: Thomas Baskerville

Updated: Tuesday 23 August, 2022.

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