Our Approach

Our values underpin our work. We are individually and collectively passionate about sustainability and the environment. Community is always at the centre of our conversations about building environmental resilience. Our Vision is bold, but achievable, if we work as a community to achieve our goals.

Over the course of our organisation’s history, we have become valued as an effective and trusted partner, collaborating with governments, community, academics and the corporate sector to achieve outcomes for the environment and community.

Over this time, we have become part of an incredible network of organisations, community groups and individuals. We are not alone in our desire to make change, preserve and improve our environment, and empower communities.

Our team of professional staff have deep knowledge and connections to a wide range of stakeholders and innovative thinking in the natural resource management sector.

Without the collaborative nature of our approach, Perth NRM would not be able to pursue its Vision, which can only be achieved by working with everyone, providing a focus for the general desire ‘to do good things’.

These are some of the underlying principles that guide our approach to making change.

  • We are committed to First Nations Ecological Knowledge and culture becoming intrinsically interwoven into our programs.
  • To create meaningful change, we must support not only environmental groups and landholders managing on-ground activities, but also educate and motivate potential volunteers and the general public to care for the environment.
  • Providing the knowledge, skills, tools, evidence, and opportunities to sustainably manage the environment will result in a meaningful increase of individuals taking positive action.
  • Resourcing local and regional priorities supports the community and increases ecological resilience.
  • Creating networks for community groups, farmers and landholders, and providing targeted training, fosters the growth of an effective and capable sector.
  • Collaborations increase social and ecological impact.
  • Providing flexible and responsive funding helps build a strong sector and broadens our impact.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of activities to inform and improve our strategy and investments, ensuring progress towards our goals.
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