New field “tool” to help Local Government Officers inspect soil erosion, sediment loss, sand drift and dust from building, subdivision and construction sites

Soil erosion from building, subdivision and construction sites is a major source of stormwater pollution in urban areas of WA. When it enters our waterways or wetlands, sediment (soil, sand, silt and mud) washed from urban areas can cause short and long-term environmental problems.

Sediment can block drains, leading to localised flooding, and obstruct and/or damage stormwater drainage infrastructure and Water Sensitive Urban Design technologies; often resulting in Local Governments having to pay to fix the damage.

Local Government Officers (LGOs) are often charged with the task of monitoring for compliance with State legislation and their own local laws, policies, plans and/or guidelines for erosion and sediment control.

To help LGOs in this important work, the Sediment Task Force has developed an On-Site Checklist for Inspecting Soil Erosion and Sediment Loss from Building, Subdivision and Construction Sites which aims to assist LGOs to quickly identify and inspect incidences of soil erosion, sediment runoff, sand drift and dust from building, subdivision and construction sites; record and follow up on actions to resolve a breach; provide best practice recommendations; and offer useful tips to facilitate a positive and timely solution.

This checklist has been endorsed by WALGA as a necessary tool in the drive for delivering a Waterwise community and to reduce the environmental impact of urban development.

Local Governments are encouraged to use this checklist as their own “in-house” publication. The Checklist could be included in a manual or as part of your internal reporting processes. It’s simple to do: choose the web-based version of the checklist and add your own logo.

An interactive pdf version of the checklist can be downloaded for use in the field; simply ‘save as’ with the name of the site visit to maintain your records. Download the interactive pdf checklist.

A complementary on-site checklist has also been developed for West Australian builders in partnership with the Housing Industry Association of WA.

Both checklists have been developed as part of the Sediment Task Force Project which is coordinated by Perth NRM and sponsored by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and the City of Armadale.