Why is it critical to preserve natural marine habitats?

Our coastal zone encompasses sand dunes, heath lands, bushland and wetlands (both saline and fresh).
This vast coastal ecosystem that supports a diverse range of plants, animals and birds so it’s really important to preserve these habitats.

Coastal vegetation is essential for stabilising dunes. Sprawling root systems hold the sand together as branches trap loose sand that blows in the wind.

Visiting animals such as turtles, seals and birds rest on the shore to regain their strength and hunt in the shallow water for food.

The limestone cliffs along our coastline are nesting grounds for many seabirds.

The coastal zone is fragile and is increasingly under threat from external pressures such as a growing population and a fast developing city.


How do we help?

Our work helps restore and preserve our coastline through some of these activities:

Seasonal planting days and preservation activities such as rehabilitation planting, weed removal, beach clean-ups, dune stabilisation and seed collection.

Training and on-ground activities to help increase community knowledge about how to identify coastal plants and animals, best coast care practices and improving biodiversity.

We work with volunteers, educational institutions, business and industry as well as local and state government agencies to promote awareness and enhance education about coastal preservation.