Adopt A Beach

The Adopt A Beach program helps schools experience, learn about and conserve our coastal and marine environments with in-class activities and excursions.

Adopt A Beach offers fun, hands-on, and curriculum-linked activities that help students conserve and learn about the marine and coastal environment. Adopt A Beach delivers a wide range of incursions and excursions suitable for all primary and secondary students in the Perth Metro Area. From beach clean-ups to building sandcastles, there is something for every class. By participating in our program, students can:

  • Learn about the importance of coastal and marine ecosystems
  • Learn about sustainability issues and solutions relating to ocean plastic pollution, beach erosion, population pressures and climate change.
  • Restore the coast and create habitat through dune care activities like planting native seedlings and weeding invasive species.

Why choose Adopt A Beach

Understanding and appreciating our oceans and coasts (and nature in general) is crucial. They provide a home to incredible biodiversity, support livelihoods, and play a vital role in maintaining a healthy planet. Our program helps students connect to nature by utilising our amazing local beaches as outdoor classrooms. Here (and in the classroom), we deliver fun and hands-on activities that educate students on the importance of our marine and coastal environments, the impact of human activities and the significance of sustainable behaviours and practices. By instilling this appreciation and knowledge, we hope to build a generation committed to caring for our coasts and creating a sustainable future.

What’s Included

  • Experienced and friendly environmental educators with backgrounds in environmental science, sustainable development, and community development.
  • All tools and equipment required for the activity.
  • Worksheets, where applicable.

Programs Available

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We acknowledge and appreciate the support of all our partners, supporters, funding bodies and sponsors.

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