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Fact sheets, guides and information regarding the Perth coastal region.

Perth NRM Regional Coastal Strategy 2021 – 2026

The Perth metropolitan coastal zone is a landscape connecting systems of sand dunes, heath lands, bushlands and wetlands. These fragile ecosystems support a diverse range of plants, animals and birds and is vulnerable to many competing pressures. Our coastal zone  encompasses a community of active volunteers who contribute time and effort to address the environmental challenges faced along our coast.

Perth NRM’s Coastal Strategy 2021-2026 is consistent with the roles and responsibilities of Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups as outlined in the State Government’s WA Coastal Zone Strategy and aligns closely with Perth NRM’s broader strategic objectives regarding land management and community engagement.Cover of the PNRM Regional Coastal Strategy 2021 - 2026Perth NRM Regional Coastal Strategy 2021-2026

Water-wise, local plants for the Perth coastal region

This guide provides simple yet inspiring garden advice for people living in the
coastal suburbs of Perth and beyond. Water wise, local native plants are suggested
as attractive replacements for introduced plants that can be harmful to our local
coastal landscapes. Prepared by Perth NRM.

Text: Claire Lock, Rural Solutions S.A. and Perth NRM gratefully acknowledge the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board for allowing their Coastal Gardens Planting Guide to be adapted for the Perth region. 

Images: We thank the following people who donated photos for this guide: Ron Sandercock, Doug Fotheringham, Nick Fewster, Ben Moulton, Caroline Taylor, Tony Flaherty, Sharn Lucas, Bill Doyle, Robyn Benken, Kate Sputore and Craig Wilson.




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