Swan Canning River Recovery Education Program

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Perth NRM can visit your class to educate students about the Swan-Canning River Recovery Project through interactive talks and activities. Hearing from an environmental scientist, your students will learn about the river system and how we can lessen our impact on the riparian environment.

There are three topics to choose from and all are FREE. The topics can be scaffolded and are available for Years 3-6 and Years 7-12.

Life in the Catchment: We live in the Swan and Canning River catchment and our actions at school and at home can affect the river ecosystem. Students learn about some of the species living in the river and how we can lessen some of our impacts on their habitat.

Catchments and Stewardship: Our rivers provide the community with ecosystem services. These services include food, recreation, urban cooling, tourism, and many more. Students will learn about some of these services and how we can help to improve upon them.

Future of the Rivers: Our rivers are constantly changing but will always be an integral part of our community and sense of local identity. Students will learn how our rivers can change over time as they envision the type of river they want for the future.

We can tailor our visit to suite your class or curriculum requirements. The visits are around 45minutes in length.

If you would like to know more, or to book a class talk, contact 08 9374 3302 or email Jason.pitman@perthnrm.com.

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