People of ReWild – Robyn

21st December, 2023

Meet Robyn and discover her Cottesloe Bush Garden with garden guests galore! #PeopleofReWild

Robyn also volunteers with her local community group Cottesloe Coastcare Association – a great way to connect with nature and your local environment.

What type of ReWild garden are you creating?

Bush garden

When and why did you start to ReWild your garden?

Moving to Cottesloe in the 1980’s I soon learnt, from plant failures, that I was gardening on gutless sand. I also did not want to waste water so I set out to learn about the plants local to Cottesloe, and all the creatures that can be supported in a small garden.

What do you love most about your ReWild garden?

Once established, my local native plants look after themselves and I am delighted to see many insects, native bees and various butterflies.

What has been the main challenge in establishing a ReWild garden?

At first the challenge was learning about what plants were appropriate and native to my area, and it’s also always disappointing when a plant dies. However, this is an opportunity to try something else!

Tell us about your garden’s guests – what wildlife have you seen in your garden, including any new species since you started?

Many birds use our birdbaths. Native perch in the frog pond keep the mozzies under control. We also see skinks and geckos. I planted Native Pellitory – the breeding plant for Yellow Admirals – and I love watching the egg laying in Spring and watching butterflies emerge from the beautiful larvae cases, dry their wings and fly away. Blue Banded Bees arrive every summer and buzz pollinate the Dianellas.

What are your top tips for someone starting a ReWild garden?

Learn about your garden soil, and how much shade appears over your site through the year. Find out about what plants are native to your area that will also fit with your planned garden style. Plant at least one tree, or more, if possible. Decide early-on if you need to add reticulation. Weed the area well. Access good quality, disease-free canopy mulch. Do all of this well in advance of planting in late autumn and winter.

Visit the ReWild Perth website to discover resources to create your own wildlife habitat haven.

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