People of ReWild – Jason

27th October, 2023

Meet Jason and explore his small yet incredibly diverse Gosnells bush garden. #PeopleofReWild

Jason’s passion for nature and sharing knowledge made him a valued founding member in the team that created the ReWild Perth program.

What type of ReWild garden are you creating?

Bush garden.

When and why did you start to ReWild your garden?

I’ve always had a passion for nature. For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by our local wildlife and the ecosystems they live in. Over time my interest in local flora has only grown.

So, when we bought our first home, I started ReWilding right away. The garden has grown tremendously since 2017 and I’m quickly running out of space for new plants and habitats!

What do you love most about your ReWild garden?

Gardens never stay the same, constantly changing with the seasons. This is only amplified as the garden ages. Having a ReWild Garden is all about embracing and responding to this ebb and flow of nature. I love how I’m learning something new every season.

I’m learning how different birds respond to different plants, the prime places to spot a lizard, or when the frogs will emerge from winter.

What has been the main challenge in establishing a ReWild garden?

While I love the constant change of the garden, it does come with some challenges. My biggest challenge is space. We have a relatively small garden making it difficult to choose the plants appropriate for our space.

It is a fun problem to have. I’ve come to appreciate how you don’t need much space to have a wildlife attracting garden. A small garden can attract a wide diversity of critters!

Tell us about your garden’s guests – what wildlife have you seen in your garden, including any new species since you started?

For such a small garden, we do have some very esteemed guests come to visit. We have about a dozen resident frogs, a countless number of lizards, and many different birds. These include king fishers, parrots, butcher birds, honey eaters and even quail.

The most amazing diversity is in the insects. All the different butterflies, native bees, and jewel beetles. We even have dragonflies in our ponds!

What are your top tips for someone starting a ReWild garden?

My advice for having a ReWild garden is to experiment with different plants. You may be surprised what will thrive unexpectedly. I have a few small mallees I didn’t think would take but are several years old now.

My other top tip is a garden doesn’t need to be expensive. Look for second hand materials to make wildlife habitats. Cuttings or seed from other native gardeners can make it affordable.

Visit the ReWild Perth website to discover resources to create your own wildlife habitat haven.

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