People of ReWild – Glenn

4th July, 2023

Explore Glenn’s Bayswater bush garden, an oasis for wildlife using local native plant species, and learn how you can do the same in your garden. #PeopleofReWild

What type of ReWild garden are you creating?

Bush garden

When and why did you start to ReWild your garden?

I started my bush garden about 25 years ago. I bought my first home after moving to Perth for work from the eastern states. The yard had no garden, just weeds. I was adamant I wouldn’t be mowing lawns for the rest of my life, and was developing an interest in native plants and so I started experimenting with native species and, in particular, plants indigenous to Bayswater.

What do you love most about your ReWild garden?

I love the the fact that my garden is providing habitat for a diverse range of wildlife including birds, lizards, frogs, insects, spiders, etc. I also love to look at the amazing flowers my garden produces and the pollinators that visit them; to watch the garden change with the seasons; and see all the self-sown seedlings emerge as the winter rains arrive, sometimes with surprises.

What has been the main challenge in establishing a ReWild garden?

Establishing plants using only hand-watering is the greatest challenge. It is such a tough environment with our sandy soils and hot rainless summers. I have had many plant losses over the years, but it is very rewarding to see plants survive and go on to become mature flowering plants, looking magnificent and providing useful habitat.

Tell us about your garden’s guests – what wildlife have you seen in your garden, including any new species since you started?

Carnaby’s Cockatoos regularly visit the mature ‘Banksia menziesii’ to eat the seeds, and we commonly have honeyeaters in the garden. We also have had Southern Boobook Owls visit at dusk. I have seen native bees in the garden, including Blue Banded Bees buzz pollinating ‘Calytrix’ flowers. I have five different lizards species in the garden, and Motorbike and Banjo frogs in the pond.

What are your top tips for someone starting a ReWild garden?

Get into local native plants as they are adapted to your soil type and climate and provide the best habitat for local species. Use all types of plants, including annuals, herbs, trees, shrubs. Put in a frog pond as they are great fun and attract not only frogs but all sorts of insects too. Learn to love untidiness and consider whether you need to remove dead plants as they provide habitat too.


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