ReWild Perth Newsletter (July 2023)

6th July, 2023

Kaya! Makuru, 'the first rains' and the coldest and wettest time of the year* has certainly arrived! The rains provide a perfect time to get stuck into planting as the natural water source provides a great kick-start for new plants to establish thems

Makuru is also a time for a lot of animals to start pairing up for breeding in the coming season. For instance, keep an eye out for ‘Wardongs’ (Ravens, which many of us mistakenly refer to as Crows) flying together, these breeding pairs stop the usual and well-known ‘ark ark arrrrrk’ call they make when flying solo.

Keep reading for seasonal gardening tips, featured plants and creatures, as well as plenty more ReWild events – nest box workshops (with special cockatoo guests), frog friendly gardening with the ‘Frog Doctor’ and more!

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