WA needs a sustainable food supply strategy

30th September, 2021

We are currently seeking input from supply chain partners throughout WA to plan for a sustainable food future.

At present, Western Australia doesn’t have a sustainable food supply strategy designed with input from stakeholders in the food production and supply chain industries. Perth NRM wants this to change.

We are currently seeking input from supply chain partners throughout WA to plan for a sustainable food future.

  1. Can you continue to operate sustainably in the food supply chain industry, with changing market needs in our current environment?
  2. Are you sure the investment you have in your part of the food supply chain is developing an appreciating asset for you?

When all said and done, you are in business to make a difference, with a return on investment.

By 2050, Australia’s population is expected to increase by 45% and WA shares in that growth with an estimated increase of 44% (ABS 2020).

Food supply businesses need to have a collective voice informing policy direction, identifying current challenges and seeking solutions that will allow operations to expand to meet expected food supply needs.

Perth NRM is working on the WA Food Security Plan, funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, including statewide engagement and consultation with producers and supply chain partners.

The first stage of the WA Food Security Plan was completed in 2019 with the publication of a situation report outlining a snapshot of existing conditions, establishing a baseline.

Since the publication of that report, we have seen the devastating impact of bushfires and the pandemic on the supply chain, highlighting the need for informed planning to meet future challenges.

We are seeking input from WA food supply chain partners to ensure the future of their continuing businesses sustainably through our current economic, political, social and variable climate environment.

We want to know what you need to stay competitive and ensure our food supply is both secure and able to meet growing demand in a relatively short timeframe.

If you’d like to have your say and list your issues in this survey, you can complete it online. 

The Assessment Report from this Survey will be worked through with government, industry, and community, to drive change in the critical areas you have identified for success.

For further information, email us at: [email protected]

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