WA Food Security Plan

Food Security relates to a region's capacity to produce (or access) sufficient, nutritious produce to feed its population. With a growing population and changing climate, it's time for a plan.

For decades, Western Australian farmers have been facing changing conditions; hotter/dryer summers, increased salinity, soil that is becoming increasingly dependent on chemical inputs, with reduced capacity to hold moisture… the list goes on and on.

However, despite these challenges and increased financial pressures for farmers, food production has been sufficient for our relatively small population so far.

With increased volatility in growing conditions, and some models predicting that our local population will almost double by 2050, it is becoming increasingly evident that we need to start thinking strategically about how we can make our food systems more resilient.

At present, Western Australia doesn’t have a food security plan, or a reasonable understanding of how our farmers will manage the productivity constraints they are facing, in order to feed twice as many West Australians over the next three-to-four decades.

With funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, Perth NRM is working to develop a food security plan for WA.

This strategic approach is about Western Australians taking ownership of our looming food security challenges, through a very West Australian lens.

This view recognises that throughout the 60,000 years prior to European settlement we did have sustainable food systems in place, and that the Noongar people play a pivotal role in identifying the pathways we need to take, to re-claim sustainability in our food systems.

The Food Security Plan project will be conducted in three stages.

This project is supported by Perth NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.


We acknowledge and appreciate the support of all our partners, supporters, funding bodies and sponsors.

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