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13th March, 2018

Pathways for regeneration from Farm to Fork

Perth NRM joined Edith Cowan University (ECU) and the Heart Foundation in bringing an excellent group of speakers and participants from across the food industry together, workshopping ways to transform our food system.

The objectives of the event were to have full industry involvement in determining people’s perceptions and intentions for the future of the industry. Addressing nutritional decline while encouraging the support of regenerative farming practices.

Special quests for the event were Charles Massy, Dr Lenore Newman (University of Fraser Valley in Canada), Nick Rose (Sustain), Di Haggarty (Biointegrity growers), Jennie Francheschi, (WA Telstra Business Women 2017) and Ben Cole (Wide Open Agriculture). The speaking panel provided insight to threats and opportunities within our food system.

The theme for the event, was ‘change and how it required a shared responsibility approach’ with participants from all sectors showing willingness to be involved in the change process. Participants were encouraged to come up with action items that they could implement either individually or through their organisations.

ECU collected extensive data from the workshop and will progress with analysis sharing results through the participating group. The data will inform Perth NRM’s plan for the next event (in 6 months) where we will assess progress in the transformation journey and support and assist people with achieving their action items.

Professor Simon Forrest provided the Welcome to Country and demonstrated with a long piece of rope the relative time his ancestors had managed the land compared to white settlement in Australia and called for the need for greater sharing of knowledge and acceptance of Indigenous cultures contribution to our broader community.

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