What does sustainable agriculture mean?

It is the production of food and fibre products using farming practices that maximise economic return for growers whilst providing healthy, nutritious food for consumers and actively improving outcomes for our environment.

Sustainable Agriculture creates a focus on using resources efficiently and effectively to ensure quality production for present and future generations.

It is no simple task getting the balance right between viable production, maximising the use of our natural resources and reducing harm to our environment.

How do our projects help?

We work closely with fresh food producers and understand the challenges they face each day. We undertake projects in collaboration with orchadists, viticulturists, farmers, horse owners, land managers as well as with industry partners and government bodies.

Our projects play a vital role in raising awareness of responsible agriculture methods through:

  • Hands-on engagement with farmers and land managers to ensure the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices
  • Access to real, practical information through publications to promote best practice
  • Regular industry-focused workshops providing knowledge and practical skills
  • Research projects and information extension activities
  • Increasing the capacity and confidence of regional community leaders, including women, young people and indigenous Australians.

Why is it critical for growers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices?

Growers recognise the need to improve agricultural practices in order to ensure the continued supply of safe, healthy and fresh produce to metropolitan Perth, it’s surrounds and Western Australia.

To create a sustainable food future where we can enjoy the security of locally grown food for generations, we need to continually adopt and enhance best practices.

We aim to achieve the following:

  • To maintain viable production and help build vibrant farming communities
  • To provide quality food and protect the health of humans and animals
  • To improve the environment