Swan Canning River Recovery

The Australian Government is providing support under the Improving Your Local Parks and Environment program to improve the water quality and habitats of the Swan Canning River systems.

Swan Canning River Recovery Stage 3

This project continues our work to help improve the health of the Swan-Canning River system. Stage 3 enables Perth NRM to support targeted direct community action by environmental groups with a primary focus to improve the system integrity of the Subtropical and Temperate Coastal Saltmarsh areas of the Swan and Middle Canning areas.

Stage 3 supports actions including the conversion of drains to living streams and other biofiltration measures to reduce nutrient and sediment runoff into the estuaries. Activities in protecting, enhancing, and revegetating native vegetation focuses on priority fringing vegetation, wetlands, and other vegetation areas to improve local biodiversity.

Perth NRM will be running a grants process to support community in delivering local actions to benefit the river system. Grant guidelines, forms, and workshops will be organised in the first half 2020.

Grants will be open soon

Stage 3 involves a targeted approach to aquatic weed management, including continuing efforts to eradicate hydrocotyle and prevent the establishment of new aquatic weed species including Amazon Frogbit.

Community engagement and education are features of Stage 3. These include an education program to improve community awareness and encourage the behavioural changes needed to reduce nutrient loads originating from gardens and the urban environment entering the estuary. Community workshops and other activities are also being implemented to support localised action within the Swan Canning River system.

This project is supported by Perth NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.


We acknowledge and appreciate the support of all our partners, supporters, funding bodies and sponsors.

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