A Busy Year for the Swan and Canning River

9th December, 2019
Group of individuals standing in bushland wearing hats and holding tools

We would like to take the end of year opportunity to thank our community groups, school groups, and volunteers who have been driving the on-ground success of the project

particularly Friends of Bull Creek, Friends of Bardon Park, South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare, Conservation Volunteers Australia, and several local governments for their support. In the past 12 months some key achievements include:

Engaged with 1,024 students, teacher, and community members with the Swan-Canning River Talks through school incursions or community events.

South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare continues to monitor Hydrocotyle across 21 hectares of the river system and control has been successful to avoid future infestations.

Community groups have cleared 35.4 hectares of priority weed infestations across the Swan and Canning River targeting species such as blackberry, typha, acacia, and other several other woody weed species.

Supported 402 volunteers to deliver environmental actions across the river system through community planting days, clearing debris, and removing weeds.

Community groups have planted 16,744 plants at ten different sites to improve habitat condition across the river system.

The list of all the actions delivered by these groups is extensive and this is only some of the recent achievements we have collectively delivered. We at Perth NRM are looking forward as we head towards the final six months of the program and prepare for the next stage of the Swan Canning River Recovery Program.

The Swan Canning River Recovery Stage 2 is funded by the Australian Government under the Improving Your Local Parks and Environment program.

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