Coogee Maritime Trail

13th September, 2016

The Coogee Maritime Trail, developed by the City of Cockburn in partnership with the Western Australian Museum, Murdoch University Divers and Perth NRM was opened earlier in 2017.

It has proven extremely popular with divers and snorkelers in the area.

The trail features land-based and underwater attractions, showcasing the Omeo, the States premier shore-based shipwreck.

Just 25 meters from the shore, the dive and snorkel trail will begin at the Omeo and includes an artificial reef, underwater sculptures and educational signage.

Landlovers can also enjoy a walking trail along the beautiful coastline.

The trail was recently highlighted in the WA Museum Annual Report.


Watch video

See the artificial reef and Omeo dive site in this interactive video outlining the Coogee Maritime Trail project.


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