Coastal White Paper

20th June, 2022

Perth NRM is proud to have contributed to a new white paper from The University of Western Australia that identifies priorities for critical research required to improve the management, protection and sustainable use of Western Australia’s coastline.

Perth NRM’s Coastal + Marine Manager, Kate Sputore, and Senior Manager (Stakeholder Engagement), Dr Ingrid Sieler, are two of the fifteen authors contributing to the white paper with co-lead authors Professor Ryan Lowe, Dr Abbie Rogers and Assoc. Professor Michael Burton.

The multi-disciplinary approach includes the human element of coastal management, including research priorities in the social, political, economic sciences.

The high priority areas included:

  • High-quality, consistent, and long-term coastal monitoring, with a focus on predicting future physical and ecological changes
  • Improved approaches to effectively communicate science to coastal managers and the community
  • Better recognition, measurement and integration of coastal community values in decision making, inclusive of social, cultural, environmental and financial values
  • A review of governance structures guiding coastal management

The paper is available for free here.

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