Gaia Resources gave back to the environment

4th March, 2019

As part of their end of year function, Gaia Resources approached Perth NRM to find a way to make a positive difference to the environment

outside of the work that they do supporting the broader NRM community with their environmental technology projects.

Piers Higgs, the CEO from Gaia Resources, presented at our “Technology in NRM” event, where he discussed various digital technologies that are available for the NRM sector.

“When I was at the Digital Technology event, I was chatting to the Perth NRM team about what they do to support their local groups, as I am always looking for ways to give back for our team – it does get pretty boring being stuck behind a desk every day!”

When the planning for their end of year function began, Piers reached out to Perth NRM to see if any Coastcare groups would be interested in having his Perth team volunteer for a few hours as part of that day.  We were able to find several Coastcare groups that were happy to host an event for the Gaia Resources team to choose from.  In the end, Cottesloe Coastcare were the best fit.

The Gaia Resources team spend a few hours helping the Cottesloe Coastcare group do watering, weeding, seed picking and rubbish cleanup from within the Grant Marine Reserve.  Over the course of a few hours they watered hundreds of plants, picked up multiple large bags of weeds and rubbish for disposal.

“Our team really wanted to get out and make an on-ground difference,” said Piers.  “The fact that we could support the dedicated volunteers from the Cottesloe Coastcare group for even a few hours really made a different to that little Reserve, and we can’t wait to see how well it does in the cooler months of the year.”

The Cottesloe Coastcare group provided morning tea for the volunteers, from both Gaia Resources and the local community.  This gave the team a chance to catch their breath before heading back to the buckets to finish off the jobs they were working on, before heading off to the beach and their Christmas function.

Gaia Resources continue to provide technology services to Perth NRM and our local groups through tools like GRID – the online, easy-to-use GIS that was developed specifically for the NRM sector – and their freely available Online QGIS Training Courses.

For more information about how your group can participate in the Corporate Volunteering program (either as a group looking for volunteers, or as a group looking to volunteer) contact Jeanmarie Collens via the Corporate Volunteering web site at Perth NRM, or call the office on 08 9374 3333

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