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5th March, 2019

Ever wondered whether that avocado you ate or that carrot you bought was from Western Australia?

Well, you are not alone.

Perth NRM recently surveyed more than 450 WA consumers and it was overwhelming that everyone wants to know more about where our food comes from and who produces it.

With less people involved in food production it also means less of our relatives are involved in the industry and thereby society is losing the link with local food production.

Good news. Perth NRM have a new ‘paddock to plate’ project based around sustainable practices that will connect consumers with food producers.

The Producer Sustainability & Consumer Interface will enable consumers to access information about food production through scanning of QR codes on a mobile device, including:

  • A photo of the producer;
  • Where the food was produced;
  • How long since the product was harvested; and
  • The producer’s sustainability score.

The Producer Sustainability & Consumer Interface will be a platform where consumers can understand the work and standards producers achieve in providing safe, clean and highest quality food to the public.

This will be a revolutionary new way to “eat locally grown”, all from the comfort of your smart phone!

All the time, while investing in a sustainable food future for Western Australia.

Stay tuned for exciting project updates in April!


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