Shay Crouch, Perth NRM’s Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator (RALF),  recently discovered her local community had set up a composting station where residents from the area can bring along their compositable kitchen scraps to give them a second chance. Shay regularly utilises this great community initiative, which has helped her to reduce her household waste.

“It has been great to see people get on board with this local initiative which compliments the ABC War on Waste series. I love reading peoples posts about how they have completely changed how they manage their household waste” said Shay.

The organising group, Transition Town Vincent, has set up a facebook group to connect and communicate with the composting community. Shay is informed when the rich garden compost she has contributed to, is ready for her to go and collect for use on her own garden. The facebook group also allows people to post their own stories about how they are reducing their household waste.

A number of Transition Network groups now exist in Perth as part of a movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world.  Community members can get involved by finding a local group at

Inspired by implementing these measures into her everyday life, Shay also implemented Perth NRM’s move to use ceramic cups at our events in order to reduce our use of disposable coffee cups. Feedback from the hundreds of visitors who shared a coffee with us at our Dowerin Field Day exhibit was very positive and we look forward to continuing our efforts to make our workplace and events as sustainable as possible.

Perth NRM will be hosting a community conference on sustainability this year on Thursday 29th November at the Rise in Bayswater. We look forward to bringing you more details on the event in the near future.

To register your interest for Perth NRM’s Sustainability Forum please email

Published on: 11/09/18 10:52 AM