The recent summer storms in Perth resulted in areas of localised erosion along our coast.  In the City of Rockingham, damage to a dune from an excessive stormwater flow highlighted the impact that high intensity storms can have on our coastline. 

Under the guidance of the City of Rockingham Environment Officer and Perth NRM Coastal and Marine Program Manager, Craig Wilson, a Work for the Dole team managed by Bridging the Gap, came to the rescue at short notice.

The dune was rebuilt by the City and the Work for the Dole team installed jute matting  to help stabilise the dune. 

Jute matting is made from coconut fibre and will biodegrade over time while allowing the dune to be planted with coastal native plants that will assist the stabilisation process.  It is expected that in time the planted dune will also create additional habitat for coastal fauna.


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