Investing in a Healthy Future

Our community places a high value on Perth’s pristine natural environment, our iconic beaches, spectacular rivers and bushland. Our natural landscapes, seascapes and waterways not only provide recreational and lifestyle opportunities; they are a unique part of our culture.

Our natural environment, clean air and water and healthy local produce are an important part of the health and wellbeing of our community and business leaders in Perth have had a long history of investing in local communities to protect our precious assets and our enviable lifestyle.

Perth offers many rich and varied opportunities for businesses and individuals to make a recognisable and long-lasting difference to our way of life and provide visible leadership in the community.

Delivering a broad range of benefits for business

  • Economic, social and health benefits to the community
  • Ecological benefits by conserving resources, reducing our carbon footprint, preserving natural vegetation and protecting our wildlife
  • Delivering on corporate social responsibility goals or voluntary offset targets for your business
  • Positioning your brand as being environmentally responsible as part of a marketing strategy
  • Fulfilling team building, staff engagement and shared values objectives for your business

How you can support the Environment

By directly sponsoring a project you can be involved in saving threatened species, restoring and caring for our urban native landscapes, maintaining the quality of the Swan and Canning Rivers, looking after our beaches and dunes, sharing Aboriginal Culture or helping the Perth community to live more sustainably.

We tailor projects to address your organisations strategic goals and public image. You can:

  • Fund a specific project of interest to your organisation
  • Fund a long or short term grants program for any purpose and audience
  • Adopt a site of interest and fund the restoration of the site

Other support

There are many simple ways your business can contribute and demonstrate to a wide audience that you support a healthy, sustainable Perth.

  • Raise money for our Living Landscapes Fund at social events or through staff contributions
  • Supply tools or other resources for our projects
  • Give your time and expertise to help manage our work

For more information and a summary of the benefits, download our Case for Support or contact our office on 9374 3333 or