9th July, 2020
Start Time
Online via Zoom

Transitioning to more regenerative practices is daunting and takes time. Where do we even start? Join us for our third RegenWA webinar with guest speaker Nic Kentish where we will continue the conversation about how to transition and some of those first steps.

Nic Kentish is a recovering Conventional Rescue Remedy farmer. He and his family have acknowledged that their Mechanical Mind approach to farming was not working economically, ecologically or healthily. Their journey to develop an ecosystem on their farm grounded in biological diversity has uncovered and shone the light on many unchallenged remedies. He is a trainers, coach and senior consultant with RCS and lives in the Adelaide Hills.

RegenWA believes in regenerating our regional landscapes and communities.

We focus on supporting farmers who are investigating alternative production practices with the aim of minimising or reversing the impact of productivity constraints like climate change and soil acidity.

With the interruption to our Farmer Field Days we have turned to providing these webinars which provide an opportunity to hear from other like-minded farmers and practitioners about how and why we can transition to more regenerative farming practices.

Our previous webinars have now been made available on our website for viewing.