Citizen Science: August Update

28th August, 2023

The citizen scientists of our Turning Gardeners into Conservationists have completed more than 11,000 monitoring surveys and spotted an incredible 185 wildlife species visiting their gardens, in just the last 12 months!

Since the last major data calculation in January, participants have completed an additional 5466 wildlife monitoring surveys and recorded 15 new species within their gardens, including 14 birds and one reptile.

The number of structure inspections more than tripled after participants installed new wildlife friendly structures in their gardens earlier in the year. Almost 1600 habitat structure inspections have been completed in the past year – 227 of bat boxes, 297 of bird boxes, 180 of possum shelters, 502 of reptile shelters, and 393 of frog hotels!

As data continues to roll in, we will gain a greater understanding of which species are making use of the newly installed structures and how long it takes for them to be taken up by wildlife. We look forward to sharing those results with you in a future update!

Image: A slender tree frog taking shelter in Isabelle’s new frog hotel.

The ‘Turning Gardeners into Conservationists’ project is proudly delivered by UWA and Perth NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s Inspiring Australia Science Engagement Programme.


We acknowledge and appreciate the support of all our partners, supporters, funding bodies and sponsors.

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