Sediment Research Project Update March 2020

10th March, 2020

The field research is now completed. Professor Oldham gave a presentation to the Sediment Task Force and other sediment research sponsors and interested persons on her key findings 27/02/2020

The first draft of UWA’s Sediment Research Project Final Report is currently being reviewed by the Sediment Task Force. It will then be reviewed by the CRC/WSC.

Professor Oldham has submitted an abstract on the research’s key findings for consideration to the Hydropolis conference 01-02 April 2020.

Progress for March 2019 to March 2020 has included:

  • MPE student project proposals submitted for assessment.
  • Up to-date maps with ‘as constructed’ drainage networks obtained from the City of Armadale and incorporated into the current numerical models.
  • Progress on the background and methodology sections of the final report.
  • Monitoring equipment doubled up to speed up research.
  • New monitoring points incorporated to capture building activity at vacant blocks during Satterley’s civil work program for Jan-July. Focus now on the channel (as the old site is now closed).
  • Water inputs and exports to the Balannup Drain at Heron Park quantified.
  • Detailed survey of drain channel undertaken with the assistance of City of Armadale to produce a map of the drain geometry and changes of the geometry of the drain to determine sediment volume.
  • Prof Oldham guest speaker at PNRM/WALGA Sediment Loss workshop (preliminary results).
  • Lt Appreciation to Satterleys re support of SRP and invitation to include statement in final report and presentation by UWA to Satterley’s of key findings of research at Heron Park site.
  • Prof Oldham guest speaker at STF meeting outlining research methodology and key findings.
  • Draft UWA SRP Final Report submitted to STF for review.
  • Abstract submitted on the research’s key findings for consideration to the Hydropolis.
  • SRP website updates.

Note: A delay has been experienced in this research due to the UWA Masters student undertaking the Sediment Research Project moving to part-time study from June-August 2018, study being suspended from September 2018 until November 2018, and subsequent withdrawal from the project. Scholarship funds were reallocated to UWA’s MPE students Liam Presland and Yilin Li in January 2019 to complete the research. Fraser Eynon and Dr Ocampo are the project’s

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