S&P Global at City Beach

14th May, 2018

The S&P Global team joined Perth NRM and Cambridge Coastcare at City Beach on a beautiful autumn day for their first corporate volunteering event.

The group consisted of 10 adults and 8 children, adding enthusiasm and laughter to the event.

After learning to distinguish different types of weeds, how they take over native scrub and the effects on the ecosystem, the volunteers got straight into removing them.

“Our morale was boosted with them (Perth NRM) commenting on what a fantastic hard working team we were and that we were filling up bags of weeds quicker than they could keep up. One of the staff had to go and buy more bags at one stage and we managed to fill 40 in total!” said Kristie Lobegeier from S&P Global.

The weeds removed were mainly sea spurge (Euphorbia paralias) from the Floreat groyne area, and large quantities of the grey ground-cover white arctotis (Arctotis stoechadifolia), from the Fred Burton car-park area, together with quantities of rose pelargonium (Pelargonium capitatum) and other weeds. All three are dangerously invasive weeds which suffocate native species.

The weed removal process makes room for new seedlings to be planted in winter, giving them the best chance of survival.

“Unfortunately we missed the time frame for winter planting, but most commented they would like to do it next year” commented Kristie.

“I believe this project was not only successful in helping our local non-profit organisation with their sustainability mission, but it inspired us all to be that little bit more “greener” and it bought awareness to our children and hopefully set them up for doing their part in the future.”

Perth NRM coordinate a variety of corporate environmental events for businesses in the Swan Region, contact us today to find out more.

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