May 7-18th: Permaculture Design Certificate

6th March, 2018

An inspiring, practical and life changing permaculture design course.

This 10 day intensive course will provide you with the creative thinking and design skills to build resilience into your existing landscapes (at home, in your family, in your communities and beyond). In the face of growing uncertainties, Permaculture helps to focus us on the things that we can do that will make a difference.

This course is facilitated by the Permaculture Educators Alliance, a group of experienced Perth Permaculture educators (and guests) who synergistically collaborate on all areas of this 72 hour certified course. Between us, with have over 40 years of Permaculture design experience across a variety of property sizes and in different climate zones. We are passionate about helping you to build your design knowledge in a meaningful, fun and creative way.

Our learning will be based at the beautiful Candlelight Farm in the foothills of Perth & will tour other example locations. Candlelight has been a permaculture demonstration farm for the past 10 years, and is unique in its ability to show Permaculture systems in action.

At the end of this course you will be able to:
• Design for regeneration – i.e. design for human abundance whilst improving the health of ecological systems
• Understand how to look to the patterns of nature to find design solutions
• Use permaculture thinking (ethics & principles) to inform your design decisions
• Adapt to climate change and mitigate risk in disaster situations
• Drought-proof your landscape with good water design
• Enhance the soil food web to bring your soils to life
• Create annual gardens to produce food quickly and reliably (including managing pest, saving seeds, using appropriate harvest and storage techniques)
• Design Tree-centrically
• Undertake a site analysis and use a design methodology to produce a design (base map, concept plan, final design)
• Make use appropriate technology for power generation, energy efficiency, food preservation and comfortable homes
• Design abundant food forests
• Cycle energy through your systems (ie nutrient cycling via compost, worms )
• Design animals systems for the benefit of all species
• Build and enhance your local communities using permaculture design thinking
• Be an “Agent of Change” –by starting where you are, using what you have, doing what you can

Download the flyer FINAL FLYER MARCH 2018.

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