Growing capacity of community organisations

10th October, 2017

Working collaboratively and sharing knowledge amongst members and partners is a hallmark of an effective organisations success.

Perth NRM is committed to increasing the knowledge and skills of community based organisations and was pleased to be able to share capacity building information at the WA Horse Council’s recent AGM recently with over 45 representatives from various horse, pony, breed, riding style and accreditation groups / associations.  The event was coordinated by Chairperson, Diane Bennit.

Graham McAlpine, Acting Sustainable Agriculture Program Manager at Perth NRM, engaged attendees by talking about the importance of understanding the social capital that existed within each group, often untapped. Graham shared how through the Community Capacity Assessment, Perth NRM gauges information to help develop programs to enhance the governance and management of groups, as well as build on-ground skills. The Sustainable Communities Program is open to all individuals and bodies seeking to better manage natural resources and is a simple way for land holders to increase their knowledge about better managing their land and environment.

Applying for, and managing grants was a major theme of the presentations at the AGM and discussions that followed. “We explored the various funding sources available to community organisations and drilled into the grant websites, the conversation enabled us to stress the importance of shaping the grant’s purpose around the funder’s requirements and shaping projects to fit available funding sources” said Graham.

Collectively the presentations by Megan Richards, Grants and Services Manager for the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes, on the amazing 300km Warren Blackwood Stock Route project and Graham, illustrated the importance to those present of working collaboratively to engage the community and achieve a group’s goals.

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