“It’s a great way to get to know the people you work with and nice to spend a morning away from the desk.” PwC volunteer

It’s a glorious winter morning at Watermans Bay and the team from consulting firm PwC is armed with shovels and spades, set for a tough day at the office!

This 500m stretch of beach is in Perth’s northern coastal corridor. It is a hidden gem and popular with local families.

Today, there is a perfect blue sky and a gentle breeze is blowing across the beach and over the dazzling blue ocean.

With great enthusiasm, the PwC team spends the morning pulling out weeds and planting more than 500 local coastal native seedlings including Scaevola crassifolia, Carpobrotus virescens, Olearia axillaris and Rhagodia baccata.

Local residents out for a walk, stop for a look and a chat, acknowledging the good work being put in to help restore dune vegetation at their local beach.

The energetic volunteers are assisted by community group Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare who show staff how to identify weeds and correctly put the seedlings into the sandy soil.

Engaging staff through a variety of environmental activities

PwC staff and new recruits from the Graduate Vacation Program have worked with us for several years as part of their Corporate Responsibility initiative, with staff members contributing a significant amount of hours toward local coastal restoration projects.

They’ve joined us for watering and mulching activities to increase plant survival rates at key restoration sites Mudurup Rocks and Grant Marine Park.

They’ve also undertaken activities around intensive weed management in coastal reserves.