CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge
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The CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge is a youth-led event that aims to empower young people to become custodians of their local environment and active and aware citizens.

The program brings together young people from across Kwinana and Rockingham in the two-day think-tank forum to identify opportunities and challenges in caring for our coastal areas. Participants then work with subject matter experts and mentors to turn their ideas into practical action projects that can be implemented in the community.

The program is designed and organised with young people from the region who care about their environment and is run in partnership with CSBP and Perth NRM, with support from Millennium Kids, the City of Kwinana and the City of Rockingham.

Challenge timeline

  • Registration: Sign up your team by 21 February
  • 2-Day Coastal Connection Challenge: Friday 27 March – Saturday 28 March
  • Complete action projects: April – June 2020
  • Presentation evening: 17 June

Why do we need the CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge?

Kwinana and Rockingham have the reputation of having some of the best beaches in Perth’s metro area. Our coast is an integral part of our cultural identity and linked to our local industry, arts and social lifestyle.

Our coastal and marine area is one of great natural beauty as well as being home to dolphins, sea lions, the Little Penguin and many other birds, plants and marine life. This rich ecosystem makes the area a magnet for locals and visitors alike. We do, however, risk ‘loving our coast to death’, as its amenities and resources attract intensive human use, resulting in issues such as plastic pollution, erosion and loss of native biodiversity.

That’s where the CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge comes in. Participants will work with some of the awesome community members, scientists and young people already making a difference in our coastal and marine environments, inspiring and empowering them to tackle some of the issues including waste, single-use plastic, destruction of natural habitat, climate change, vandalism, housing density and cats impacting native species.

Register your team now.

For more information contact:

Kath Broderick
Coastal + Marine Program Manager (South)
Perth NRM

e: kathleen.broderick@perthnrm.com
m: 0499 104 377.

Please check the FAQ page for more details.

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