Living Perth supports the concept of an ecologically responsible city, where people can live healthy and productive lives while reducing their impact on the environment.

We are building a community network of individuals who sign up to become “Friends of Living Perth” to show their support for this concept and share information and ideas about how to be environmentally friendly in our beautiful city. The more awareness we can raise about the importance of the environment the more we can do together to conserve it for future generations.

This is a new networking approach for Perth NRM and as a business you can help us to promote our work and encourage membership, while we promote your business!

How to support Living Perth

Provide discounts on your products or services to our members

Any product, any service! Discounts can be as simple as a small percentage off a cup of coffee to major discounts or giveaways. They can be regular or changeable to fit with your internal marketing.

Raise awareness of our work through your networks

Include our Partner Logo on your website and link to ours. Share our newsletter, website, Facebook and LinkedIn stories in your communications.

What we will do for your business

Recognition of your partnership

We will recognise your business as a supporting partner on our website and in communications about Living Perth. We will provide opportunities to profile your business to our members and broader networks.

Exposure for your business

We regularly communicate with over 2,700 individuals and businesses on our database, have more than 4,400 Facebook followers, and regularly reach thousands of individuals with our posts each day, with promoted posts reaching over 40,000. We run dozens of events each year engaging individuals, businesses, farmers and local governments, at which we promote our supporters and our work.

To become a Living Perth Partner complete our Partnership Offer Form

For more information about becoming a Living Perth Partner contact us on 08 9374 3333 or email

This information and a manual form is also available for download if required