We have developed a series of Volunteer Capacity Building in NRM training modules and workshops. These are the result of our annual Community Capacity in NRM survey and aim to provide training relevant to common issues experienced by environmental volunteers. Topics we have covered so far in our Volunteer Capacity Building in NRM series are:

Customised Workshops for community groups or local councils We can customise workshops for your area or group. Contact our community team on (08) 9374 3333 or via community@perthnrm.com to organise workshops for your environmental volunteers or community group.

We also facilitate a number of valuable training modules, so that volunteers can receive essential training at a discounted rate:

Perth NRM Volunteer Capacity Building in NRM workshop

Attracting and retaining volunteers How can you better attract and retain environmental volunteers?

This workshop helps community groups learn how to more effectively attract new volunteers and retain their group members for the long haul. The workshop covers planning for new members, marketing their community group’s cause, targeting recruitment efforts differently for each generation, and retaining volunteers by keeping them motivated, happy, and supported.

How can you better attract and retain environmental volunteers? Come along to our workshop and find out!

Grant writing for success Does your community group have plans to conserve and protect the local environment, but lacks the funds to carry them out? Do you feel overwhelmed by the grant application process?

This workshop is specially designed to help community groups get a handle on the grant application process with a step-by-step formula to set your group on the path to securing additional funds in no time.

The workshop prepares you for the grant writing process by covering the application process necessities, sourcing appropriate grants for your projects, Aboriginal consultation, and other sources of funding. The workshop is highly interactive with practice and feedback sessions.

Social Media for Community Groups

Is your community group using Social Media to attract new members or promote your group’s activities? In this workshop you will discover how to target a wider audience and give your group an online presence.

This introductory workshop will familiarize you with popular social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  It will cover how to achieve the most impact for your group’s profile, engage regularly and effectively with existing members, and build your group’s social network. Provided in the workshop is hints and tips on how to best set up your social media profiles and build your audience participation.

Social media has become a key resource for volunteer groups to market their activities and following this workshop you will find that having and maintaining your online social media presence will be easier than you ever thought!

Volunteers Guide to Weeds (Bushland/ Coastal/ Wetland) The Volunteers Guide to Weeds workshop  series  focuses on weed identification tools, removal techniques, and building partnerships with land managers for a unified weed management approach. Perth NRM can tailor the workshop to the areas you or your volunteers work, and focus the weed identification around Bushland, Coastal, or Wetland weed species.

The workshop consists of two components:

  1. Theoretical (indoors)

This component covers weed identification techniques, different weed removal methods, and how to determine the best method of removal for weeds. It will also cover the importance of building relationships with the land manager – be it government, corporate, or private owners – and how to partner with them to maximise weed management outcomes.

  1. Discussion

This component allows participants to openly discuss problems they may be having in their weed control efforts with the presenter and other volunteers. It promotes networking, information exchange, and group problem solving.

First-aid training Working in the environment does have its perils! Does your volunteer group need to obtain their Senior First Aid Certificate?

Perth NRM can work with your group or local council, and St Johns Ambulance to create a tailored first aid training event for community volunteers. The first aid training facilitated by Perth NRM is a one day module that will see you graduate a Senior First Aider!

Our initial first aid training events with Wanneroo and Melville Councils has seen 26 environmental volunteers from fourteen volunteer groups gain their first aid certificates. Let’s make volunteering safer for everyone!

Safety Training

Our safety training facilitation is run in conjunction with Conservation Volunteers Australia and provides attendees training in health and safety issues that arise from working in bush, coastal, and wetland habitats.

The training also covers the ‘duty of care’ your group holds for the volunteers that you have participating in activities and ensures that you are aware not only of the legal requirements around this topic, but also provides avenues for assistance and further information sources to continue your learning journey in this space.