Sustainable Industry

Find out how your small to medium businesses can reduce waste and better manage energy use.

Sustainable Industrial Development Guidelines

There is an increased awareness within Australia and the community that our cities and towns including the areas which support them such as industrial and commercial areas, need to be more sustainable.

A substantial amount of information is now available to improve the way new development considers and uses our natural resources; however, this has focused largely on urban and residential uses.

These Guidelines aim to raise awareness of issues and actions that can be taken to improve the environmental, economic and social sustainability of new industrial areas as part of the planning and development process.


Light Industry Fact Sheets

Enhancing the sustainability of operations is not just better for the bottom line, but also for the environment. For instance, if we help reduce toxic waste going into drains, it means we can reduce pollution in the Swan and Canning rivers.

Download these fact sheets to better understand and meet environmental requirements.


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