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Sustainability Indicator Project

Imagine if you could answer all the important sustainability questions about your produce at the point of purchase. Perth NRM has been developing a methodology/technology that could do exactly that.

In June 2018, Perth NRM started a project funded by the Regional Land Partnership to develop and trial a single-audit multi-certification tool with leading viticulturists, orchardists & vegetable producers, and key industry stakeholders.

The goal is to develop a cloud-based dataset for local producers that would measure grower performance against more than 200 sustainability criteria for environmental, social and economic performance.

The results would act as a sustainability indicator, along with resources that would allow growers to improve their performance.

For conscientious consumers, this information can be accessed through a smartphone app able to scan/read barcodes, QR codes or smartbars.

Once finalised, this tool can be utilised by participating farmers to demonstrate their sustainability credentials (environmental, social accountability, ethical, financial, food safety).

The project will:
  • provide consumers with traceability back down the supply chain so that they can make more informed purchasing decisions,
  • provide farmers with an opportunity to harness the purchasing power of consumers by identifying and responding to changing market signals,
  • increase farmers motivation for adopting leading sustainability practices,
  • allow farmers to benchmark adoption levels of sustainability practices, and
  • investigate an appropriate platform or interface between farmers and consumers, for this tool.

At present, additional funding is being sought to continue the project.

This project is supported by Perth NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.


We acknowledge and appreciate the support of all our partners, supporters, funding bodies and sponsors.

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