Six Season Walks

The Noongar Six Season Walks has quickly become one of our most popular community programs, combining Traditional Ecological Knowledge from Elders and an environmental activity.

The Noongar Six Season Walk program commenced in 2017 through the National Landcare Program and is one of Perth NRM’s most successful programs with many families and community groups participating across the Perth Region. The program continued through January-December 2019 with funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Office‘s Community Stewardship Grants (small).

Perth NRM now delivers this program as opportunities arise, including a video series recorded with Elder Neville Collard, which is being released in stages as the seasons change.

Elders are employed to share Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge or Cultural Science about the season with the participants.

A Six Season walk is held in each of the six seasons at sites where Noongar people would have traditionally resided at that time of year, moving from the coast and estuaries in birak and bunuru, following water resources as they moved inland in djeran, makuru and djilba before moving back towards the coast in the wildflower season of kambarang.

Over 350 children and adults from around Perth have learned about cultural science and gained a greater appreciation of Noongar language and culture.

Their eager questions to Elders, smiles, handshakes and warm thanks demonstrate the program’s value and willingness to learn, with many people coming back to participate in more than one Walk.

Perth NRM has received grants and partnered with governments and businesses to deliver the Six Season Walk program.

These collaborations enable us to tailor the program to carry out activities that help to Care for Country and support the work of Friends Groups and environmental projects.

If you would like to know more about the Noongar Six Season Walk Program or are interested in collaborating with Perth NRM to host a Walk, please contact us.


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