Bennion Beach: Integrated Foreshore Restoration

Integrated Foreshore Restoration at Bennion Beach in the City of Stirling

Perth NRM, in collaboration with Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare (SNEC) and the City of Stirling, is committed to undertaking continual ecological restoration of the coastal areas within Stirling. The steep limestone cliff and dune area along the Western side of the North Trigg Carpark is suffering from an inundation of invasive weed species, loss of natural habitats and erosional forces.

This project will be carried out in stages over a two year time-frame to allow stages of integrated weed management activities, jute matting erosion control and revegetation infill planting of native coastal species. This stretch of coastline is the final step in a longterm coastal restoration plan executed by SNEC, linking successful restoration projects along the Stirling foreshore.

Perth NRM’s role

This project operates as an auspiced grant, with Perth NRM managing the funds in order to allow SNEC to proceed with the project.

The Bennion Beach project was initiated by SNEC, who work very closely with the City of Stirling.

Perth NRM helped develop the project proposal for Coastwest and secure the grant for the work to be done.

Auspicing projects like this is an important service that Perth NRM supplies to community groups throughout the region.

Project Activities

The project delivers the following activities:

  • Weed control will be undertaken using a combination of specialist chemical application and hand weeding and will concentrate on Sea Spinach (Tetragonia decumbens), Treasure Flower (Gazania linearis) and Rose Geranium (Pelagonium capitatum) eradication.
  • Jute matting will be installed for erosion control and plant substrate stability directly after weed biomass removed.
  • 2,100 local native coastal plant seedlings from accredited nurseries will be planted by SNEC volunteers and contractors in May/June 2020.
  • The City of Stirling is contributing chemical and mechanical weed control, weed biomass pickup, cartage and disposal, site preparation and a water truck for planting season and follow up watering.
  • Monitoring will be undertaken by Perth NRM and SNEC volunteers using a combination of photographic records, Nearmaps or Google Earth Pro time series, and the recording of significant information.

We acknowledge and appreciate the support of all our partners, supporters, funding bodies and sponsors.


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