2021 Community Capacity Assessment

The 2021 Community Capacity Assessment (CCA) project seeks to understand the challenges facing natural resource management groups and volunteers in order to provide better support and planning.

About the 2021 CCA Project

Perth NRM regularly conducts a community capacity assessment so that we can monitor changes in capacity over time, providing the info to:

  • environmental volunteers for the purposes of self-development;
  • local governments supporting and working with environmental volunteer groups;
  • sub-regional groups and other NGOs supporting and working with environmental volunteer groups; and
  • Federal and State NRM Offices and other government departments.

The 2021 Community Capacity Assessment is being funded through the State NRM Program.

Click on this link or the image below to view the report.

The 2021 Community Capacity Assessment (CCA) will help identify gaps and areas of support as well as strengths and ideas for improvement, through direct engagement with stakeholders in a participative process.

The co-design approach of this CCA allows volunteers and stakeholders to become an active part of the project from the beginning.

It is based on the belief that all peoples’ contribution can be creative and of high value as everyone is providing their point of view and deliver insights and expertise that are based on individual experiences.

The goal is to establish an understanding of the current situation of NRM volunteers, groups,  and stakeholders, to tell their story, make their work visible, to gather trends and identify common issues to create a vision of how NRM work could look in the future.

The information gathered in this project is crucial to assist community volunteers to improve NRM outcomes, to aid local governments in helping, directing, and guiding volunteer contributions in NRM and to facilitate overall better NRM outcomes in the Perth Region.

Perth NRM Enviro Network

One of the key issues identified in the early workshops of the 2021 Community Capacity Assessment has been the need for greater communication and collaboration between the incredible community of practice that voluntarily manages so many of our favourite public spaces.

To get the ball rolling, Perth NRM’s Stakeholder Engagement team has started the PNRM Enviro Network Facebook Group, allowing people to discuss specific issues such as weed management, through to broader issues such as recruitment and branding.

People who participated in the CCA Survey have been invited to join, and we are delighted that in just a week, we have more than 30 members from a variety of groups joining the discussion already.

You can join as an individual, or a group page, and we’d love to see you sharing with your community and working toward shared outcomes and new opportunities!

Join the Discussion

Perth NRM Enviro Network Introduction Interviews

Join the Discussion


This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program.


We acknowledge and appreciate the support of all our partners, supporters, funding bodies and sponsors.

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