The Local Government Environment and Sustainability Capacity Assessment is a joint exercise between Perth NRM and the West Australian Local Government Authority (WALGA).  37 local government authorities participated in the survey, which  looks at the delivery of NRM .

The survey asked questions on the responsibility for decision making, availability of resources and strengths in environmental management and sustainability programs. The responses have been collated and will be used by both partners to coordinate training events to enhance knowledge and skills of local government staff and councilors.

You can click on the link below to download the report

Download: Perth NRM Local Government Environment and Sustainability Capacity Report








The Community Capacity Assessment project is the outcome of a key strategy to increase stakeholder capacity for protecting and preserving our environment through identifying the needs of environmental volunteers and then planning to address them.

Perth NRM conducts a community capacity assessment annually so that we can monitor changes in capacity over time, providing the info to:

  • environmental volunteers for the purposes of self-development;
  • local governments supporting and working with environmental volunteer groups;
  • sub-regional groups and other NGOs supporting and working with environmental volunteer groups; and
  • Federal and State NRM Offices and other government departments.

We believe that information sharing will lead to interest in supporting the work of environmental volunteers on a regional scale through better coordination and collaboration on existing capacity building initiatives, and the development of new and innovative approaches e.g., knowledge about water quality, use of mapping technologies, making connections with Aboriginal communities and working with Aboriginal people on site.

Email community@perthnrm.com if you would like a copy of past reports.

You can click on the link to download the latest report Perth NRM Community Capacity Report 2017