Regional Funding and Regional NRM Organisations

The National Landcare Programme (NLP) regional funding stream is delivered through Australia’s 56 natural resource management (NRM) organisations, recognising the crucial role the organisations play in delivering NRM at a local and regional level.

Perth NRM is one of these Regional NRM organisations with responsibility for delivery of the Regional Funding stream in the Swan Region.

With regional funding we undertake to:

  • in collaboration with community, landcare and farming system groups, lead regional NRM planning and prioritisation of NRM activities to support environmental protection and sustainable agricultural practices
  • deliver nationally important outcomes that assist Australia to meet its national and international obligations
  • broker partnerships, collaborate with networks and support local stakeholders in delivery of regional NRM activities
  • build local community and industry engagement, skills and capacity in NRM and sustainable agriculture
  • support Indigenous participation in delivering NRM outcomes
  • report NRM outcomes at a regional level and contribute to Programme reporting at the national level.