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The Feilman Foundation has supported Perth NRM since 2019 to develop our Adopt-A-Beach program, which aims to build engagement of schools in the preservation and restoration of our coastal dunes and parks.

About The Feilman Foundation

The Feilman Foundation was established in 1976 by Mrs Ethel Feilman to make donations to causes which were important to her and her family.  In recent years, the Foundation has grown in size with the addition of the estates of Mrs Feilman’s two daughters, Margaret and Patricia.

These two remarkable women were pioneers during their time.

Neither Margaret nor Patricia had family of their own. They left their entire estates on their deaths to be added to the Foundation established by their mother which is now administered by a small group of trustees. The interest earned on the corpus managed by the Governors is distributed to organisations which hold DGR status to benefit the communities in which Margaret and Patricia lived and the causes for which they cared strongly.

The current Board is committed to continuing the operation of the Feilman Foundation in accordance with the objectives held by Margaret and Patricia Feilman, and their mother. In particular, their expressed desire to Make a Difference will remain as a vital element of the Board’s considerations when allocating funds for distribution to charitable organisations.

About Our Partnership

In 2019 the Feilman Foundation Trustees committed to a three year partnership, supporting Perth NRM’s proposed Adopt A Beach program.  Adopt A Beach had been coined as a term in the engagement of some schools through our Coast and Marine Program, but this support from Fielman has allowed us to appoint a program co-ordinator and work towards significantly building the number of schools and students involved.

Projects Supported

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