Dept. of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment is Perth NRM’s major Australian Government partner.

About DAWE

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) is a federal government department which aims to protect Australia’s natural resources, agriculture and precious way of life. For today and for future generations.

About Our Partnership

There are a number of different aspects to the partnership between Perth NRM and DAWE.

Regional Land Partnerships (RLP) form a key component of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program (NLP).  Under RLP, Perth NRM are the approved supplier of NRM and related services to the Australian Government for the Swan NRM Region.  This relationship is described in a Service Agreement (until June 2023), and is supplemented by Services Work Orders (SWOs) issued by DAWE that describe specific projects to be delivered by us.  Our TEC, TS and Food Security Plan projects (see below) are delivered against such SWOs.  We also delivered a short-term project on a similar basis in support of the Glossy Leaf Hammer Orchid in 2019.

The Swan Canning River Recovery (SCRR) Stage 3 project was a pre-election commitment from April 2019, and is funded through the Environment Restoration Fund. Like RLP projects it is structured as an Additional Services Work Order (ASWO) that operates under the terms of our Service Agreement.  This two year initiative has just started in late March 2020, which follows on from two previous stages of SCRR that have been delivered since 2015.

We have just finalised a project Fertiliser and Irrigation Efficiency for Horticulture in a Drying Climate that was funded in 2018 under the Smart Farms Small Grants Program, which also forms a part of the National Landcare Program.  The City of Wanneroo were a funding partner as well.

Projects Supported

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