4th June, 2020
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Online via Zoom

The second RegenWA webinar with guest speaker Nic Kentish where we will discuss taking those first steps at transitioning on-farm practices. This is a follow on from his Defining Regenerative Agriculture session.

Nic Kentish is a recovering Conventional Rescue Remedy farmer. He and his family have acknowledged that their Mechanical Mind approach to farming was not working economically, ecologically or healthily. Their journey to develop an ecosystem on their farm grounded in biological diversity has uncovered and shone the light on many unchallenged remedies. He is a trainers, coach and senior consultant with RCS and lives in the Adelaide Hills.

This RegenWA webinar is part of a series looking to improve knowledge of RegenWA members and Western Australian farmers, and provide an opportunity to head directly out to the paddock to implement the tools and practical ideas suggested in the webinars.

You can view Nic’s first webinar now!