25th June, 2020
Start Time
End Time
Event Length
1 Hour
Online via Zoom

This RegenWA webinar is part of a series looking to improve knowledge of RegenWA members and Western Australian farmers, and provide an opportunity to head directly out to the paddock to implement the tools and practical ideas suggested in the webinars.

Carbon is definitely not new but with so much talk about carbon credits, measuring sequestering carbon and carbon schemes, we thought who better to talk with but our own Steering Committee member, Kent Broad.

The webinar, rightly titled Carbon 101, will cover off on the basics of carbon, focusing on soil carbon, some of the regulation and its terminology while also addressing some of the risks and providing some examples.

About the Presenter

Kent has a wealth of knowledge of Carbon through 35 years of experience from being a farmer and pastoralist in the mid-west to being on the board of NACC and co-founding Outback Carbon. He has helped establish over 12,000 ha of biodiverse revegetation projects in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor (Midwest of WA). This is driven by his passion to revitalise rural Australia by providing environmental, social and economic solutions.

RegenWA believes in regenerating our regional landscapes and communities.

We focus on supporting farmers who are investigating alternative production practices with the aim of minimising or reversing the impact of productivity constraints like climate change and soil acidity.

With the interruption to our Farmer Field Days we have turned to providing these webinars which provide an opportunity to hear from other like-minded farmers and practitioners about how and why we can transition to more regenerative farming practices.

Our previous webinars with Nic Kentish and Nicole Masters have now been made available on our website for viewing.